To discover the secrete of its wonderful charm is not the least of the problems of golf. It is a game that encourages the reflective and philosophical mind to close investigation, and so it is not enough for the worthy player that he should take the things he sees and feels for granted, with no questions concerning the mystic influences that seem constantly to brood over the links, and the people who are of them. Each day as we go forward to the game, and in particular if it marks the beginning of a special period of play, we feel these influences strong, and it may happen that for a moment we wonder again as to their cause and their origin.


Golf is a game in which attitude of mind counts for incomparably more than mightiness of muscle. Given an equality of strength and skill, the victory in golf will be to him who is Captain of his Soul. Give me a clear eye, a healthy liver, a strong will, a collected mind, and a conscience void of offence both toward God and toward men, and I will back the pygmy against the giant. Golf is a test, not so much of the muscle, or even of the brain and nerves of a man, as it is a test of his inmost veriest self; of his soul and spirit; of his whole character and disposition; of his temperament; of his habit of mind; of the entire content of his mental and moral nature as handed down to him by unnumbered multitudes of ancestors.

Oh, golf is for smellin’ heather and cut grass and walkin’ fast across the countryside and feelin’ the wind and watchin’ the sun go down and seein’ yor friends hit good shots and hittin’ some yourself. It’s love and it’s feelin’ the splendor of this good world.

Michael Murphy


The game of golf, correctly played, and correctly means not merely in accord with the rules, but in accord with the true spirit of the game, is a complete philosophy of life, and fortunate is the man who can live as he plays golf if he plays it right.


Golf is first a sport of integrity and honesty. There are no referees or judges to control the game. The rules and etiquette are consistent and expected to be known and honored. It is a game of respect. It is an activity that parents naturally identify as one providing a set of standards and morals applicable for life-time achievement for their youngsters. In addition, parents see junior golf providing social relations and structures including positive, respected role-models; manners and temperament; experience with their playing peers; emotional control in a variety of situations; acceptance of the personal responsibility of victory or defeat; and a strong sense of the importance of education (and possibly a college scholarship). What a great lifetime sport for juniors to learn to play and learn from.

"A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to help a boy."

Bobby Jones


Golf is a science – the study of a lifetime in which you may exhaust yourself but never your subject.
It is a contest, a duel or a melee, calling for courage, skill, strategy and self-control.
It is a test of temper, a trial of honor, a revealer of character.
It affords a chance to play the man, and act the gentlemen.
It means going into God’s  out-of-doors , getting close to nature, fresh air, exercise, a sweeping away of the mental cobwebs, genuine re-creation of the tired tissues.
It is a cure for care-an antidote to worry.
It includes companionship with friends, social intercourse, opportunity for courtesy, kindliness and generosity to an opponent.
It promotes not only physical health but moral force.

The desire to develop and demonstrate competence-creativity-mastery and courage-to feel the joy associated with feeling well, to realize the satisfaction attendant upon winning. We seek to enhance our skill because enjoyment is directly proportional to the degree of competence achieved.

Excerpt from Winning; The Psychology of Competition by Stewart H. Walker © 1980

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Danny Crowley, Jr., PGA
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Because I now live in Virginia, and working with the Dodger’s organization, I’ve had only a few opportunities to work with Danny over the past ten years. But, if I lived in Houston, I would be a regular student. Each lesson has had a profound impact on me. In my very first lesson, Danny helped me not only with golf, but also in my career as a Major League Baseball Player. He taught me how to conceptualize my golf swing as a relaxed athlete, just as I’ve always done swinging a baseball bat. He taught me about taking a moment to absorb the results without judgement, and with measurement. I last worked with Danny a few months ago, and he quickly noticed something in my performance. Within a few minutes I added several yards to my driving distance.

Danny has not only a great understanding of the golf swing but more importantly, is able to communicate this to me in an easy to understand manner. I have played golf for over twenty five years and was able make vast improvements almost immediately. His approach of getting back to the inner athlete and building a solid foundation to build the swing around is a trait of all great instructors and coaches in any sport. As a person who has spent considerable time studying movement and swing patterns, I can appreciate Danny’s expertise and his understanding of the swing as the similarities between golf and baseball are very closely related. I have been fortunate to spend time with many great baseball swing instructors in my career and Danny’s method to teaching and getting results is as good as or better than these individuals who teach at the highest levels..

Danny has great athletic insights in the mental and physical workings of the golf swing. As an athlete and a professional golfer, I think his philosophies in athletics and golf performance have helped in changing my perceptions and understandings in what is responsible for achieving a repetitive dynamic golf swing motion that can last a lifetime.

Danny Crowley and I have been friends for many years going back to my years in Houston. Danny has the proper attitude and love of people which will enable him to become one of golf’s premier teachers.

As a teaching colleague, I have greatly appreciated your approach to teaching. First and foremost, you always showed great sensitivity to your students, with an uncanny ability to adapt to different levels of abilities and styles. At times, I would come to you discouraged about my swing and in five minutes you would fix it once again. I expect to be your student and friend for life.Thank you for what you have given to Marsha and me. It’s a priceless gift!

I would like to thank you for being a great golf coach. We played the Alliance Cup Charity Event yesterday at Memorial. I am a Director of WTGA as I try to give back to the game I love. I shot 69. My first ever. And we still have lots of improving to do. Thank you.

I just wanted to say thank you again for the lessons, you truly made my swing so much easier and gave me way more confidence. I hit my first hole in in one at the 115 yard par 3 at Mulligans Course. It felt great! I had a lesson with you at the end of December and then the second just two weekend ago. I had won 2 lessons from my company. Man, what a lucky drawing that was for me.I have already recommended  a few friends to you, and will continue to do so. Your approach to teaching is very refreshing and a big difference from others. I know I don’t have the perfect grip or posture, but you didn’t even mention them and allowed me to just swing without worrying about 50 thing being identical to the pros beforehand.

Danny has a unique ability to explain most complex things about golf in most simple terms. Not only that, he does not teach just general golf-he teaches the golf that is just right for you; what will work or not work for your specific habits and physical abilities. My wife and I took several series of lessons from Danny and I would highly recommend him for anybody interested in golf-from entry level to advanced and experienced golfers.

I truly enjoyed my lesson with you yesterday, and feel that I made great strides towards understanding what was wrong with my mechanics. You are very clear and concise in your instruction, easy to understand, and I had fun while I was learning.

I look forward to my next lesson on the 17th. I also enjoyed our conversation. It is always good to find thinking folks. Thank you again, and take care.

I started playing golf twenty years ago with some ongoing physical limitations that contributed to a flawed swing with many incorrect habits. Danny has helped me to understand how to work with my limitations successfully while identifying and eliminating flawed habits. His ability to communicate understandings of the golf swing that can work for me has helped in lowering my handicap from 20 to 6 in spite of my physical limitations.

I started playing golf and taking lessons from Danny two years ago. He has a keen understanding of the golf swing and is very articulate and patient in his instruction. Danny knows my learning style and has individualized the lessons so that I understand what I am doing. He has taught me how to apply my knowledge so as to play with confidence, and I love the game.

Thanks a bunch for yesterday’s lesson! Not only for sticking with it until you found the solution, but also for encouraging me to stick with it! Your commitment to fixing my swing is very much appreciated, and I’m still smiling about the progress made int eh last 10 minutes of the lesson! When I got to my car last night, I grabbed a 5 iron and 6 more balls … I just had to see if the fix was real … And it was! High-five and kudos to your diagnostic and training skills!