What are Accepted Methods Of Payments?

Crowley Golf Training accepts all forms of payments Cash, Zelle, Venmo, and all Major Credit Cards. Payments can be made at the time of the session in person or on the web-site.

Are Range Balls Included In Golf Lessons?

Range balls are not included in the price of lessons.

Does Crowley Golf Training offer Coaching & Support?

Coaching and support is offered with all golf lessons. Please go to Coaching and Support page on Crowley Golf training web-site for additional information.

How Can Crowley Golf Training Help My Golf Game?

Crowley Golf Training provides students with game assessments that help to identify areas in their games that can be improved through technique and performance training.

Why Is Instruction So Necessary In The Game Of Golf?

To avoid wasted time and expense in the frustration of having to unlearn and relearn. Often, if not most of the time, golfers start the game with incorrect concepts and techniques. As a result, forming habits that will have to be changed in the future through a long process of unlearning concepts and re-learning correctly. “The mind unlearns with difficulty what has been long in learning.”  Lucius Annaeus Seneca, (4 BC –  AD 65)

Why Take Lessons At Crowley Golf Training?

Crowley Golf Training offers a new paradigm in learning; a conceptual learning process with structure designed into the curriculum. This approach is based in how people learn in golf.

Does Crowley Golf Training Offer Short Game Instruction?

Crowley Golf Training provides instruction in the conceptual and physical learning in all areas of the short game. Short game artistry is learned through knowing how to creatively improvise with your concept, technique, body, and instrument to meet the demands of any situation in golf. This creative approach is the means of achieving your artistry in the short game, recovery shots, approach shots, and bunker shots. This is how advanced golf is played utilizing physical and mental techniques.

How Can Crowley Golf Training Increase Consistency In Ball Striking And Performance?

Pre-shot routines can help create a consistent pattern of thought and behavior thereby creating a greater consistency in your physical performance. You have to be consistent in how you approach the ball in order to perform consistently. Ultimately, the assessment of the individual golfer will determine the appropriate approach to how you can achieve greater consistency in ball striking and in performance.

Can Crowley Golf Training Increase Power In Ball Striking?

Power in golf is achieved primarily through the accuracy and efficiency in technique performance. An assessment of your technique will reveal the cause and effect that can be used to diagnosis a power where power is being lost and how to increase it.

Can Crowley Golf Training Improve Ball Striking Without Changing My Golf Swing?

I like to think in terms of building technique rather than correcting. Building creates necessary understandings for student technique ownership, where correction is fragmented and not part of the whole understanding. Correction requires change, building can be achieved through subtle adjustments. Often a slight adjustment to your basics: grip, stance, posture, or alignment can have a huge influence on technique. This subtle area of adjustment often creates noticeable improvement in function and performance. In golf as you well know, even a slight adjustment can feel like a different golf swing. Your level of performance will improve relative to your tolerance in building a better golf swing to achieve your goals in performance.

Can Crowley Golf Training Improve My Game With One Lesson?

Often, improvement can be made in only one lesson. One lesson, will provide you with an assessment of your current technique with a cause and affect explanation in how your technique could be improved. The challenge in one lesson is the issue of habits. Students will experience success in the one lesson, but habits will not be formed or changed. Usually, additional instruction is required for students to successfully un-learn habits before re-learning can take place. On-course performance instruction is the most effective means for improvement without changing swing technique. Techniques in performance will be addressed in all areas of the game.

Does Crowley Golf Training Use Computer Technologies in Golf Instruction?

Crowley Golf Training does not use graphing technology in video, or for that matter, any technology in the student learning process. As Christopher Dede stated; “When you start with technology, it’s a solution looking for a problem.” Video is often used in golf instruction as a visual physical means of identifying errors in technique without identifying faulty conceptual errors as opposed to students using a structured conceptual learning process, where faulty concepts can be identified and replaced with valid concepts and understandings. Video does have a place in instruction, as a visual reinforcement of physical performance, but provides very little to a cognitive learning process responsible for the physical performance.. Your golf lesson, will be an hour of identifying faulty concepts and replacing them with valid concepts to be used in learning, training, and building correct technique.

What Can Be Achieved In One Golf Lesson At Crowley Golf Training?

In one lesson, Crowley Golf Training will provide you with an accurate assessment in cause and effect understandings of your technique and performance. An approach to learning and training will be offered in how to meet your goals in performance. Often, students will need additional instruction to reinforcement the lesson.

Does Crowley Golf Training Have A Method To Teaching?

I believe methodologies impose on students as opposed to students learning how to learn to teach themselves using correct fundamental information with instructional guidance. I believe the role of instruction is to provide students with guidance in their learning process that enables them to learn and train with structured concepts as opposed to any restricted adherence to any subjective methodology. While technique is important, it should work with the student’s talent and not impose on learning through self discovery.

Can Crowley Golf Training Correct My Slice?

Faulty concepts will be identified and replaced with valid concepts and within the hour you will have a positive experience in understanding the conceptual and physical changes required in eliminating your slice. Unfortunately, it will take time and additional reinforcement to change conceptual and physical habits.

Does Crowley Golf Training Offer On-Line Scheduling?

On-line scheduling is available for your convenience 24/7. Please go to the menu and select Book A Lesson for available days and times.

Do I Need To Buy Equipment Before My First Lesson?

Crowley Golf Training will provide equipment information for your instruction. Coaching and Support is provided following lessons and will include fitting information for future equipment purchases.

When Should I Buy Equipment?

Crowley Golf Training provides Coaching and Support for students purchasing equipment. Equipment purchases should be based on specifications following your golf instructional sessions.

How Many Golf Lessons Does It Take To Get Started?

Crowley Golf Training offers a six lesson series of instruction that covers the basics in concepts and technique understandings and includes an on-course playing lesson. Following this series of instruction you are ready to begin the on-course learning. Instruction is designed to make this learning journey comfortable and enjoyable. For the average golfer who has played for awhile, one lesson will properly prepare you with understandings in learning how to learn with your own learning process and a basic understanding in what it will take to achieve your goals. Faulty concepts will be identified and explained in cause and effect and replaced with valid concepts and explained in cause and effect. The severity of incorrect habits will be the determining factor as to how many lessons will be required to break the old and form the new.

Does Crowley Golf Training Offer On-Line Gift Certificates?

Crowley Golf Training offers Gift Certificates with a very attractive design, please go to the menu and select GIFT CERTIFICATES. For your convenience, you can purchase gift certificates on this site, or, call Danny Crowley at 281-435-1325.

What Type of Instruction Does Crowley Golf Training Recommend for Beginners?

Crowley Golf Training offers a very comprehensive introduction for beginning golfers, beginning with a series of six lessons that will cover the basic areas of required skills. This introduction will increase your enjoyment in learning the game and increase your desire to stay with the game. The beginning in golf can be very challenging, but with proper instruction can be a fun journey in learning. Instruction and learning information provided in the first session will help you in scheduling future sessions.

How Can The Crowley Golf Training Approach To Teaching-Learning Benefit Students With Physical Injuries Or Disabilities?

There many ways to approach the technique used in playing golf. Once I understand the physical injury or disability, I will suggest an effective approach in working with the physical condition. The golf swing technique should be functional and accommodating to our body builds with room for preferences to a certain degree. This is an opportunity to build a creative workable technique around any physical challenges.

How Can Club Fitting Help My Golf Game?

Today’s technology and equipment is responsible for women being the largest new entries into the game of golf. Junior and senior golfers benefit as well with properly fitted equipment. A proper grip relies on the correct grip size. Based on the golfers age, strength, and technique, shafts can increase or decrease power achieved in performance. Club fitting provides specifications for the individual golfer to use in club purchases.

Does Crowley Golf Training Offer Specific Instruction For Improving Scoring Skills?

On-course performance lessons will help to identify areas of your game to focus on in future instruction. Please go to the menu and select Golf Lessons for additional information.

Our Corporate Tournament Is Next Month And I Have Never Played Golf Before. I Now Want To Play In Our Tournament. How Can I Prepare?

You can begin with taking a series of six lessons. This series of lessons will give me the opportunity to introduce you to learning how to learn in golf and cover all of the necessary basics in preparing and performing. Instruction will cover the main areas of the game in concepts and techniques and at this point you are prepared to learn how to play the game, but not necessarily ready for your tournament as far as playing. I believe the most important thing when you stand on the tee box and prepare to tee off, is how you are perceived as a prepared learner, not so much in how well you hit the ball, but demonstrating that you have done your homework in preparing and not just winging it. Participation is the key to corporate outings and tournaments, not necessarily how well you perform. Success in the beginning, is how well you are prepared and how well you apply yourself. Physical skill acquisition will be a process of learning and training experiences over a period of time.

How Is Crowley Golf Training Instruction Different Than Traditional Instruction?

Crowley Golf Training provides a structured conceptual approach to learning starting with students learning how to learn in golf. When a student has a personal learning process to use, they can achieve ownership of what they learn. Please go to the menu and select TEACHING PHILOSOPHY for additional information.

Does Crowley Golf Training Offer Group Lessons?

Crowley Golf Training does offer group lessons. Group lessons can work well when everyone is new to the game and working with the same introductory information. Please go to the menu and select Book A Lesson for additional information.

Why Are There So Many Methods offered In Teaching?

There are many ways to swing a golf club with varying degrees of success. The only reason to pursue the so called correct approach is that it is easier to achieve greater consistency in ball striking and performance. Historically, teaching in golf has always been plagued with endless subjective opinions and methods as to the form and function of the golf swing. This represents the paradigm problem in teaching, past and present, versus, a new paradigm in learning using a defined learning process and curriculum of structured concepts. Conceptually understanding the golf swing gives students the ability to operate their body free of any external physical manipulation according to anyone’s subjective method. Your age, body, level of athleticism, and commitment should determine the best approach in how you choose to learn in golf. Methods are subjective techniques meant for you and your body to adhere to, while replacing, over-riding, or subjecting your talent and inner athlete to its form and function. Golf technique should work with your body as apposed to the body adhering to a method. Student conceptual learning in athletics, should use instructional guidance to learn physical form and function, while utilizing their talents, strengths and preferences.

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Because I now live in Virginia, and working with the Dodger’s organization, I’ve had only a few opportunities to work with Danny over the past ten years. But, if I lived in Houston, I would be a regular student. Each lesson has had a profound impact on me. In my very first lesson, Danny helped me not only with golf, but also in my career as a Major League Baseball Player. He taught me how to conceptualize my golf swing as a relaxed athlete, just as I’ve always done swinging a baseball bat. He taught me about taking a moment to absorb the results without judgement, and with measurement. I last worked with Danny a few months ago, and he quickly noticed something in my performance. Within a few minutes I added several yards to my driving distance.

Danny has not only a great understanding of the golf swing but more importantly, is able to communicate this to me in an easy to understand manner. I have played golf for over twenty five years and was able make vast improvements almost immediately. His approach of getting back to the inner athlete and building a solid foundation to build the swing around is a trait of all great instructors and coaches in any sport. As a person who has spent considerable time studying movement and swing patterns, I can appreciate Danny’s expertise and his understanding of the swing as the similarities between golf and baseball are very closely related. I have been fortunate to spend time with many great baseball swing instructors in my career and Danny’s method to teaching and getting results is as good as or better than these individuals who teach at the highest levels..

Danny has great athletic insights in the mental and physical workings of the golf swing. As an athlete and a professional golfer, I think his philosophies in athletics and golf performance have helped in changing my perceptions and understandings in what is responsible for achieving a repetitive dynamic golf swing motion that can last a lifetime.

Danny Crowley and I have been friends for many years going back to my years in Houston. Danny has the proper attitude and love of people which will enable him to become one of golf’s premier teachers.

As a teaching colleague, I have greatly appreciated your approach to teaching. First and foremost, you always showed great sensitivity to your students, with an uncanny ability to adapt to different levels of abilities and styles. At times, I would come to you discouraged about my swing and in five minutes you would fix it once again. I expect to be your student and friend for life.Thank you for what you have given to Marsha and me. It’s a priceless gift!

I would like to thank you for being a great golf coach. We played the Alliance Cup Charity Event yesterday at Memorial. I am a Director of WTGA as I try to give back to the game I love. I shot 69. My first ever. And we still have lots of improving to do. Thank you.

I just wanted to say thank you again for the lessons, you truly made my swing so much easier and gave me way more confidence. I hit my first hole in in one at the 115 yard par 3 at Mulligans Course. It felt great! I had a lesson with you at the end of December and then the second just two weekend ago. I had won 2 lessons from my company. Man, what a lucky drawing that was for me.I have already recommended  a few friends to you, and will continue to do so. Your approach to teaching is very refreshing and a big difference from others. I know I don’t have the perfect grip or posture, but you didn’t even mention them and allowed me to just swing without worrying about 50 thing being identical to the pros beforehand.

Danny has a unique ability to explain most complex things about golf in most simple terms. Not only that, he does not teach just general golf-he teaches the golf that is just right for you; what will work or not work for your specific habits and physical abilities. My wife and I took several series of lessons from Danny and I would highly recommend him for anybody interested in golf-from entry level to advanced and experienced golfers.

I truly enjoyed my lesson with you yesterday, and feel that I made great strides towards understanding what was wrong with my mechanics. You are very clear and concise in your instruction, easy to understand, and I had fun while I was learning.

I look forward to my next lesson on the 17th. I also enjoyed our conversation. It is always good to find thinking folks. Thank you again, and take care.

I started playing golf twenty years ago with some ongoing physical limitations that contributed to a flawed swing with many incorrect habits. Danny has helped me to understand how to work with my limitations successfully while identifying and eliminating flawed habits. His ability to communicate understandings of the golf swing that can work for me has helped in lowering my handicap from 20 to 6 in spite of my physical limitations.

I started playing golf and taking lessons from Danny two years ago. He has a keen understanding of the golf swing and is very articulate and patient in his instruction. Danny knows my learning style and has individualized the lessons so that I understand what I am doing. He has taught me how to apply my knowledge so as to play with confidence, and I love the game.

Thanks a bunch for yesterday’s lesson! Not only for sticking with it until you found the solution, but also for encouraging me to stick with it! Your commitment to fixing my swing is very much appreciated, and I’m still smiling about the progress made int eh last 10 minutes of the lesson! When I got to my car last night, I grabbed a 5 iron and 6 more balls … I just had to see if the fix was real … And it was! High-five and kudos to your diagnostic and training skills!