Danny's Journey into the Field of Teaching

Danny spent the next forty-two years in research and study that included working and studying with  teachers and mentors that have all contributed to who Danny is as a teacher today. His studies have included years of extensive studies of the bio-mechanics of the golf swing with teaching professionals Jackson Bradley and Ron Saathof.

Back in 2002, Danny had the privilege of meeting Dr. Jay Hall, a renowned organizational psychologist. Danny had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Jay, following his work with Mr. Toski, Mr. Bradley, and Mr. Saathof, while working as the teaching professional for Augusta Pines Golf Club. Several months of philosophical discussions on teaching and learning in golf lead to a ten year research project, a co-authored a book titled; Golf Think (in press)  as well as, articles in Houston Golf Magazine during the year of 2003 (Learning How To Learn).

Danny's forty-two years of experience as a teaching professional has included several positions at Houston area golf facilities as Club Teaching Professional and several facilities as Director of Instruction.